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Application Checklist

Online Application

Applications are now open.  If you are interested in applying for admissions, you must create an application account and begin the admissions process here. Then, complete the checklist below on your admissions account. 

Student ID Photo

Must follow passport-style guidelines. If accepted, this will be used for your Student ID.

Personal Essay 

Write 500-750 words (Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced) on one of the following topics:

  • The SC Governor’s School for Agriculture’s mission is to produce leaders in the agricultural field. How do you see yourself fitting into this mission and becoming a leader in an agricultural field of your choice?
  • Describe a meaningful experience that has sparked your interest in an agricultural field. How do you plan to grow that interest?
  • Agriculture is the leading industry in the state of South Carolina, but most students still believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Explain why Agriculture Education and Advocacy is so important to the future of our state and country?

Upload in Word or PDF format.

STEM Teacher Recommendations

Provide contact information for two science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics (STEM) teachers. You will need the name, title, email address, and phone number of the selected individual. 

Your references will receive a notification to complete the evaluation on your behalf. 

Agricultural-Related Recommendation

Provide contact information for one agricultural-related reference. This may be a teacher, community member, organizational leader, etc. You will need the name, title, email address, and phone number of the selected individual.

Your reference will receive a notification to complete the evaluation on your behalf. 

School Counselor Evaluation

Provide contact information for your school counselor. You will need the name, title, school, email address, and phone number of this individual. 

Your school counselor will receive notification to complete the evaluation on your behalf. 

  • Official Transcript 
  • In-Progress Report Card 
  • Discipline and attendance records
  • Most recent standardized test scores (if available)

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact our Coordinator of Outreach & Student Services, Kaycee Keasler, at 


Admissions Deadlines for 2023-2024 School Year

Applications Open | September 1st, 2022

Priority Application Deadline | December 16, 2022

Final Application Deadline | January 20, 2023

Virtual Student Interviews | TBA

Priority Admissions Notification | Early March 2023

General Admissions Notification | Late March 2023


Nondiscrimination Statement

The South Carolina Governor's School for Agriculture at John de la Howe does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, or disability in admission to, treatment in, or employment in its programs and activities. Inquiries regarding nondiscrimination policies should be made to Dana Martin at or (864) 391-0406. For further information on federal nondiscrimination regulations, including Title IX, contact the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights at or call (800) 421-3481.