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Administration Department Directory

Timothy Keown

 Timothy Keown


 (864) 391-0413 |



Scottlyn McCullough Scottlyn McCullough

 Executive Assistant to the President

(864) 391-0470 |



Kinsley Miller

 Kinsley Miller

 Director of Outreach

 (864) 391-0414 |



Dana Martin

 Dana Martin

 Director of Residential Life and Human Resources Liaison

 (864) 391-0493 |



Michael Murphy

 Michael Murphy

 Coordinator of Admissions and Enrollment



Grayson McCulligh

 Grayson McCullough 

 Enrollment Recruiter



Stacie Smith Stacie Smith

 Foundation Board Executive Director

 (864) 391-0406 |



Tony Baughman Tony Baughman

 Public Information Officer / Archivist

 (864) 391-0500 |