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Residential Life Directory

Dana Martin Dana E. Martin

 Director of Residential Life

 (864) 391-0493 |



 Lindsay DavisLindsay Davis

 Assistant Director of Residential Life

 (864) 391-0494 |



Denise Wise Denise Wise

 Assistant Director of Residential Life

 (864) 391-0517 |



Jessica Herring Jessica Herring

 Administrative Specialist

 (864) 391-0437 |



Anne Horne Anne Horne, RN

 Registered Nurse

 (864) 391-0450, (864) 602-0826 |



Mitchell Bland Mitchell Bland

 Resident Advisor for Nickles



Carmen Espinosa Carmen Espinosa

 Resident Advisor for Huguenot



Mackienze McMahan Mackienze McMahan

 Resident Advisor for Lethe



Tracy Meehan Tracy Meehan

 Resident Advisor for Columbia



Matthew Murphy Matthew Murphy

 Resident Advisor for Carolina



 Michelle SealeyMichelle Sealey

 Resident Advisor for Savannah